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Noise reduction in the workplace

Noise reduction in the workplace

Even at low levels, unwanted noise can increase stress levels. When people are exposed to unwelcome noise for a prolonged period of time it can cause concentration as well as communication problems. It is essential the need for good acoustic design for effective noise reduction in the workplace should not be overlooked. To be able to reduce or eliminate noise, you must first identify the source:

Workplace noises can be:

  • Steady noises – i.e. noisy equipment, photocopiers, computer servers, printers, air conditioning or heating systems e.t.c.
  • Intermittent sounds – i.e. Employee’s voices, telephones ringing, slamming doors, squeaking hinges e.t.c.
  • When designing a workspace prior to office refurbishment we work closely with the client to identify the sources of unwanted noise and determine ways to reduce or eliminate them.

This could result in something as simple as:

  • Allowing sufficient space between individual workstations
  • Locating desks away from high traffic areas and/or placing acoustic screens around them.
  • Installing partition walls to create separate meeting rooms or individual offices so that private conversations can be held.

Installing suspended office ceilings and floor coverings which absorb the noise are also beneficial when looking to reduce noise, especially in high traffic areas e.g. receptions, open plan offices, kitchens or breakout areas. Grouping noisy equipment together away from workstations or isolating them in a separate room is another way of reducing noise levels.

At Whitespace we take all these things in to consideration when planning a workspace ensuring the only thing on the increase is happy staff.

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