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Not every child finds reading fun…

Posted On: 18/01/2016 | In the Category: School furniture, School interiors, School Library, School refurbishment

… but you could help change that.

As children up and down the country returned to school after the Christmas break, two charities are looking for adults to go back to school too as volunteers to help children improve their reading skills…

Save the Children and Beanstalk are working in partnership to help children improve their reading and have launched a campaign on the 1st of January to boost children’s reading by asking for the support of adults who could spare some time to share their love of books with pupils.

Research by the ‘Read On Get On’ campaign which was launched by Save the Children in 2014, revealed a quarter of all children leave primary education without being able to read well each year. Not being able to read can have a devastating impact on their life chances; it’s linked to unemployment, low paid jobs and in some cases can even lead to a life of crime, so early intervention is vital.

As well as having volunteers on hand, schools can also inspire students to pick up a book and read…

A well stocked school library will help, however children won’t find reading pleasurable if there is too much pressure on them, so a relaxed atmosphere and a positive attitude around reading is essential.

The right layout, furniture, lighting and décor all contribute to creating a space that students will want to spend time in. Studies show that if the space is designed effectively, pupils are more likely to take books down from the shelves and sit and read them.

At Whitespace we offer a full turnkey service, from interior design and space planning, to supplying and installing everything from ceilings and flooring to bespoke shelving and furniture, in order to create a space which meets the needs of the school and students.

School library

Investing in the future of children




We know what makes a successful school library (see our latest projects here) and appreciate that for many schools space is at a premium. We will work closely with you from the outset establishing the ways in which the environment will be used, enabling us to deliver a unique solution that suits all your requirements. Contact us for more information.

To find out more about volunteering, contact Beanstalk




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