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It’s not just creme eggs getting smaller.

Posted On: 04/04/2017 | In the Category: Bespoke office furniture, News, Office desk, Office desks

Office desks, Manchester, Bolton, Leeds, Liverpool

There used to be a great philosophical debate about the size of a creme egg. Adults were always convinced that they were smaller than they remember, but the reality was of course that when we were kids they just appeared a lot larger and more of a mouthful than they do today.

However ironically it now appears that the manufacturers have indeed made them smaller to meet set price points to further perpetuate the argument that things aren’t what they used to be.

Of course there is a general trend for things to get smaller and one area we are seeing affected in this way is the humble office desk.

Our office tools have led the change in thinking. Computer monitors have got smaller and in fact many more people are using laptops or tablets instead, which simply require a lot less space.

For many people there are a lot less paper files about as we move to more electronic methods of exchanging information and storing things digitally. And with more and more people hot desking there is also less ‘personal’ paraphernalia adorning desks than there perhaps was in the past.

This has given us, as office space planners, greater flexibility in how we arrive at the optimum plan for our client’s employees in a given space. The implementation of smaller desks can provide so many more opportunities. Where the need arises we can comfortably house more people in the same area without cramping.

Where additional head count is not required, the extra space can be used to measurably improve the office environment by offering scope to introduce either additional meeting rooms or break out areas which alleviates the problems of informal ‘desk perching’ meetings.

Our design teams are ready and eager to help you change your working environment for the better.

So if you are considering a new approach to your office space, or are about to consider replacing older desks – stop for a moment and consider what will make sense for your company and your staff going forward.

Because sometimes small is beautiful, even if it’s not quite how you remember offices from the past.

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