not seeing the wood for the trees

Not seeing the wood for the trees?

Posted On: 03/05/2016 | In the Category: News

not seeing the wood for the trees

We all tend to get ‘comfy’ in our own environment and perhaps don’t always take a broader view as to how a new visitor might see the office which you’ve been working in for years.

We tend not to spot the fact that the furniture is showing increasing signs of wear, the paint is beginning to peel and finding somewhere to have a quick meeting is proving more difficult. We’re just used to the way it is and let things slide.

But sometimes you have to stand back and see the bigger picture. Perhaps new starters are beginning to turn their noses up and what is put before them, or indeed are starting to decide that they don’t really want to work in this type of set up. Perhaps clients will begin to feel that the look and feel of the place might be a reflection of you as a company and be seduced by the company down the road with the impressive new offices and facilities.

So where can Whitespace help? We are used to providing an objective view – seeing past the superficial and hopefully telling it as it is. We can look at your current environment, look at your staff numbers and roles and make pragmatic suggestions as to how you can cost effectively bring your offices up to standard in these increasingly competitive times.

Sometimes, because we haven’t grown up with the current situation, we can use our experience and office space planning capacity to show you simple ways to maximise what you have and provide often low cost ways of giving your staff a more efficient work space. In so doing we can give them the motivational boost that we always see occurs once our projects come to fruition.

So let us help you step back, see what is possible and transform your working environment for the better. You probably don’t yet know what you’re missing. Contact us today.

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