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Does your workplace have unsightly pipes, ducting and/or cables on show in the ceiling area? If the answer is yes, then installing a suspended office ceiling could be the perfect solution! We are finding that suspended office ceilings are becoming a priority for most clients when redesigning their office space, not least because they improve the look of the workplace.

As well as improving the aesthetics, a suspended office ceiling also offers other benefits:

  • They have the ability to absorb noise – installing standard ceiling tiles will reduce some of the noise from above, you could then install sound proofing insulation in the cavity between the original ceiling and the suspended ceiling you could dramatically reducing noise transfer and resulting in a more comfortable workspace.
  • They can provide thermal insulation – helping prevent heat loss and in turn result in lower fuel bills.
  • They are removable – as mentioned, suspended ceilings are used to cover unsightly pipes, ducting and cables, but as they are easily removed, all pipes and cables can be accessed for repair and maintenance, equally they can also be replaced easily should damage occur.
  • Fire protection – Depending on the type of office ceiling material, they can increase fire protection.
  • They give a professional finish to a room. Suspended ceilings are available in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes to suit your office space.

From commercial offices and healthcare facilities to education establishments, we are confident that we can find the right office ceiling solution to suit you and your business

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