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Office cupboards

Storage is a vitally important part of any workplace, but one that is often overlooked! At Whitespace when we undertake an office refurbishment or relocation we always strongly recommend a storage audit. This entails understanding just what is being stored and how. It can highlight something as simple as you are not utilizing the storage you already have correctly – you may already have some office cupboards but either need to add to them or are not using them to their full potential for instance.

We understand that not all businesses will have the same storage requirements: needs change based on the activities of the company and/or the space available. Some businesses require a large amount of storage for printed documentation while others may simply require office cupboards for items of stationary and personal items. Before purchasing any type of office storage, it’s essential to establish what you will actually be using it for, as this will define what type of storage will be required.

Whether it’s part of a full office refurbishment or a standalone storage audit we can help. With so many different styles of office storage solutions available, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs. Everything from tambour units, office cupboards to bespoke storewalls, we will assist you in finding the best storage solution to suit your office needs and budget.

At Whitespace we offer a complete office refurbishment solution. From concept and design to delivery and installation. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to providing a unique and personalised service.

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