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Office Desking

A key item of furniture for the working environment is the office desk. Office desking is available in a whole range of shapes and sizes, choosing the right one will depend on the needs of the individual, the job role and space restrictions.

When purchasing office desking, we would always recommend that you first establish what size of desk will fit into the room and how much space you will have around the desk. Once the size has been determined, it’s time to think about the style of desk you require. We believe functionality is key when sourcing office desking, different shaped desks are available to suit different job roles. If the desk isn’t fit for purpose, it’s unlikely that it will encourage productivity; for example an architect would need more desk space than someone working in a call centre.

Various accessories are also available to compliment office desking, such as cable management systems. These help maximise the working area of the desk and keep it free from trailing cables. A Good office desk should have enough space to support the equipment needed for staff to perform their roles.

At Whitespace we understand that every office environment is different; so, we use our knowledge and expertise to select the perfect office desking to suit your needs. We specialise in creating practical, flexible workspaces that meet your exacting standards, ensuring your employees are happy and comfortable and your office is an environment to be proud of.

Whether you are replacing a single desk, refurbishing your entire space or even relocating premises, we are confident we can provide the right solution for you.

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