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Office filing systems

Storage is a vitally important part of any workplace. At Whitespace we feel there is never a better time to address your storage needs than when embarking on a refurbishment or relocation. At the start of any project we would always strongly recommend a storage audit, this entails understanding your current office filing systems and establishing just what is being stored and how. The result can highlight something as simple as you are using the wrong type of storage for a particular type of filing.

When most people think about office filing systems they immediately think of grey metal cabinets. This traditional storage cabinet once inhabited almost every office, looking tired and old, but with more sophisticated, modern solutions on the market, it is slowly being replaced with office filing systems that not only look good, they also maximise every bit of space.

We understand that not all businesses will have the same storage requirements: needs change based on the activities of the company and/or the space available. Some businesses require a large amount of storage for printed documentation while others may simply require space for items of stationary and personal items. Regardless of your requirements here at Whitespace we can provide a wide choice of versatile office filing systems and other storage solutions to suit every application.

We have extensive experience of providing complete office filing systems. So, whether you require tambour units, cupboards or storewalls or even a combination, we are confident that we can make your storage problems a thing of the past…

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