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Heating and ventilation

Heating and ventilation –  Design & installation.

Creating the ideal workplace is more than getting the furniture right and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, it’s also about creating a functional workspace.

As an employer, you are responsible for providing a comfortable and healthy workplace for your employees. Evaluating the heating and ventilation system is an important part of this process.

There is a building control requirement to ensure that there is enough “fresh” outdoor air supplied for every individual occupant in the office environment. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the needs of all people are met to a measurable standard. We take this into account when designing air conditioning/heating and ventilation schemes as part of an office refurbishment project.

We use the latest technology and our experience within the office refurbishment and fit out industry to design and tailor each individual system to each project. By installing the most appropriate air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems we can maximise energy efficiency and climate control.

Striking the balance between cost, staff comfort and meeting legislative requirements is a highly skilled task. Whitespace are proud of the reputation they have built up with this area and have successfully completed many office fit out projects since the new regulations were implemented in 2012.

Hand in hand with the fresh air requirements, the heating and cooling of office space is a primary consideration in creating an environment that is both productive and cost effective. An office fit out with a modern heating system takes advantage of inverter and refrigerant technology giving you greater control over temperature and humidity without costing the earth (or damaging the environment).

In some cases such is the capability of these systems that they can recover the heat from rooms which require cooling (e.g. server and communications rooms) and re-use that heat elsewhere within the building where staff may feel the need for heating. This heat recovery technique maximises energy efficiency and maintains a high degree of comfort to the building occupants.

There is no maximum working temperature laid down by law, but the Health & Safety at Work Act demands that workplace temperature must be reasonable.  The accepted temperature zone for UK offices is between 16°C and 24°C, studies have shown that anything outside this range increases stress levels and reduces productivity.

We think you’ll agree a fully functioning heating and ventilation system can provide numerous benefits; not only will it provide employees with a healthier, cleaner working environment, it could also reduce running costs and lower maintenance/repair bills.

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