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Floor and Wallcoverings

Incorporating modern office design

As part of the modern office design process, we will agree the specification of all interior finishes for floors and walls. The look and feel of the office environment can make a world of difference when it comes to motivation and productivity of staff in the modern office. Design features will not only impress and motivate your staff, they will also create a look that will excite your customers and impress all the visitors to your premises.


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Design needn`t be compromised for practicality






Offices, unlike our homes, have to withstand a lot more wear and tear however modern office design needn’t be compromised. Today commercial wall coverings are robust and low maintenance so your new environment stays looking new for longer. There are some designs which lend themselves more towards the office interior however. Our skill and knowledge level enables us to suggest appropriate wallcovering which will either create a focus or blend into the background, depending on preference or need, without distracting employers or potential clients.

Similarly with commercial floor coverings, there are areas within the office interior which lend themselves to a certain type of floor covering. High traffic areas for example require a heavy duty floor covering, barrier matting is useful to install at entrances and receptions to prevent dirt from outside travelling throughout the building. A boardroom or less frequently used area could cope with a less forgiving floor cover.

More than just a carpet ……

Practicality is essential but not at the cost of modern office design. Design ideas include defining specific areas of the workplace with different colours or contrasting textures and materials. Our experience has taught us some useful cost effective ways to create a stunning interior without blowing the budget. Working with carpet tiles rather than broadloom for instance enables a spilt cup of tea to be a simple case of swapping out the tile rather than replacing the whole carpet.

We work with manufacturers in both fields that can supply design lead products within budget and practical to boot. They are constantly launching new innovative products to enable us to provide the best possible look for you and your office.

Working with you

We work with you through the office design process to make sure you’re happy with the colour / design combination and that it meets your brief. If necessary we can also create a visual of the space incorporating all the different finishes so that, for peace of mind, you can see the finished article before a paintbrush has been lifted!

All products proposed will be full contract quality, meeting the relevant British Standards for commercial use.

Take a look at some of the many projects we’ve completed in the past in our case study section. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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