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Office ceilings

When providing office ceilings, we can offer a full range of design solutions for all requirements, whether it’s a standard grid system for the open plan, or a more specialist application for a WC or wetroom. If an engineered or non-standard ceiling is required we can offer a wide range of custom office ceilings solutions, which can range from the simple enhancement of an item through to products offering dimensional, performance and visual flexibility.

We can also provide solutions in wood, the most natural element you can find for interior decoration.  Wood ceilings will enable you to create an original and warm interior. Whether plain or perforated, laminate or wood veneer, you can select the precise texture and colour ceilings to suit your project or acoustical requirements.

For the more modern, contemporary look there is the option for a canopy ceiling with panels anchored to the ceiling or wall with a simple cable system, hovering in seeming defiance of gravity. We can create sculptural configurations – from simple accents to signature statements – in a variety of interesting colours, sizes and textures, achieving an exciting custom look using standard components.

Office ceilings can play a large part towards noise reduction in the workplace, see our information regarding noise reduction in the workplace

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