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Social Spaces

Social spaces are becoming a popular request when we undertake refurbishments in schools and colleges. This is an area where students can go to meet up, rest, relax, work in quiet groups or even partake in some leisure activities. These spaces not only encourage social interaction but are also said to have a positive effect on learning. Well designed social spaces can increase students’ motivation and may even have an impact on their ability to learn!

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However, schools and colleges are often faced with the difficult task of designing a space that looks inviting but also functions well. We can offer help and advice to guide you through the whole process.

First and foremost the design of social spaces must encourage students to actually use them. This can be done by introducing a variety of activities; for example TVs and games consoles, pool tables, Wi-Fi access, quiet study areas, café style kitchen facilities and comfortable soft seating. Having areas that combine several activities and zones will attract different people and promote communication amongst students.

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Also, think about the furniture in the space, modular furniture is always a good choice as it is easy to move around into new layouts to meet the needs of students and staff alike.

Having worked directly with schools and colleges, main contractors and architects, managing all aspects of interior design and fit out projects, we are confident that we are able to deliver the ideal environment to suit you and your budget.

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