Dining areas - Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool

Dining areas

Good quality dining facilities are becoming increasingly popular within office environments. Providing a relaxing and comfortable area for people to eat can be beneficial in a number of ways; not only does it demonstrate a commitment to their wellbeing and comfort, but it can also encourage communication and relationship building. Therefore, we feel it’s important that you spend time on getting the design of this area right.

A winning dining area is all about the design; it must be welcoming, comfortable and clean. At Whitespace we have successfully created dining areas in a variety of environments, from engineering companies to commercial office space. Our aim is to create spaces to relax, inspire and above all encourage people to use the space.

Equally the dining area should be able to accommodate the maximum number of people, without it feeling cramped. It should be well furnished, with durability and quality being key to the selection criteria. We work closely with our clients to design and install the most suitable dining facilities, advising on the best layout and furniture options available to suit both budget and need.

As with all our projects, we offer a full turnkey package, including; partitions, electrical works, heating and ventilation, flooring, lighting and the supply and installation of standard and bespoke furniture. Some companies use us for the whole process, others like to cherry pick from the services we provide.

Your dining area can either be dull and boring, or, with our help a quality experience that people actually choose to use, the choice is yours…

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