Office breakout area

Breakout areas

Once a luxury, office breakout areas are fast becoming the norm in the office environment. A comfortable space where employees can relax and recharge their batteries without feeling under pressure to answer the phone or reply to emails, is becoming an important part of the workplace. Well-designed office breakout areas provide an environment for staff to relax and interact, a place where employees feel that they are having and benefiting from time away from their desk.

Creating a space where your employees can get away from their desks, even for 10 minutes, can prove to be really productive. Taking a break in a relaxed area can promote and improve communication between employees and anything that encourages a pleasant working environment can only be a good thing!

To maximise the space even more, office breakout areas can also be utilized to host informal business meetings with members of staff, clients and other visitors to your premises.

The important thing is to determine what you actually want from the space. Staff consultation is key at this point. Whether it’s dining facilities with vending machines, an informal social space with TV screen and games console, or simply just a quiet area where staff can relax, with clever use of colour and finishes you can make this an area that really stands out from the rest of the workplace.

So whether you are looking to create a formal breakout area that can double up as a meeting area or a comfortable space for your employees to let off steam, we are confident that we can deliver.

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