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As office refurbishment designers, we believe when tasked with creating a bespoke interior office design there is much more to consider than purely the aesthetics. Staff morale, productivity and ultimately improving business efficiency are all affected by office design.

Being independent of your business, means we can target resources effectively. The working office is continually changing and it’s often difficult for businesses to identify where change is required.

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After an initial meeting we will spend time with you/your colleagues understanding how the business operates, what are it`s strengths and weaknesses and how this impacts on the working environment. Our office refurbishment designers will also ascertain what has initiated the need for the office to change.

One of the potential reasons may be that the business is expanding and the headcount increasing – more people simply “won’t fit”. It could be changes in technology or a requirement for more flexible working practices. Has your client base changed and you need to change the image of your business to suit? Are you finding it difficult to motivate, retain or even recruit quality members of staff? Or is the office simply outdated and in need of a facelift?

Sometimes the solution doesn’t have to be a radical one, as office refurbishment designers we are able to make a few sensible changes within the office to improve working practices dramatically.

One solution can be to address the storage systems in the office. Our designers can carry out detailed office storage audits, looking at what you store and how you store it. Do you still require the same amount of storage facilities or have the changes in technology resulted in your existing storage solutions being able to be pared down? A new approach to just this element of your office can sometimes free up a surprising amount of time and space.

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Arranging the workspace in-line with the traffic flow can play an important role in increasing business efficiency. Position workstations near relevant frequently used equipment and consider arranging employees according to their role to encourage communication and efficient flow.

Employees will perform better in an organised workspace.

There are many more things you can do to improve business productivity including managing your time more effectively, simply de-cluttering your workspace, or investing in technology. These steps will help your staff keep on top of their day to day jobs and encourage them to work together to bring more organisation and efficiency to the workplace.

As independent observers we can recommend solutions that fit your timescales as well as your budget. Contact us today.

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