Whitespace Consultants

…with Steven McNeice

Steven McNeice
101 Digital Solutions

Describe your office in under twelve words


How much time do you spend there?

40+ hours

Tidy or untidy?

“Well nobody ever does owt except from me!”
Note to editor: #101excusesforuntidiness!

Trendy or functional?


Oddest thing on your desk?

Go Pro video camera

Office refreshment of choice?


What do you keep in your desk drawer?


Open plan or office?

Open plan

Meetings – lover or hater?

Depends whether someone wants me to buy something

Note to editor: tight Yorkshire man!

Phone or e-mail?


Best time saving tip?

Make effective use of technology

Best business advice ever given?

Note to editor: blank look on his face…

Most annoying office habits of others?

When people leave the office door open and let all the heat out

Note to editor: he’s never cold; this is another tight Yorkshire man thing!

Biggest office irritations?

Leaving empty plastic water bottles on desks

Best office you’ve ever visited?

Not sure

Dream place to work?

I’m working in it 🙂



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