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jo forrestJo Forrest
Marketing Insite

Jo works at Marketing Insite, the marketing company that look after our web site and social media.

Describe your office in under twelve words.
Small – two desks and a Velux window bringing sunshine but more often showers

How much time to spend there?
Nine to five I’m afraid

Tidy or untidy?
Reasonably tidy but usually lots of spreadsheets and notes everywhere and blue tacked to walls beside me.

Trendy or functional?
Functional – me and a screen and scribbled note pads – tidied at end of every day -honest!

Oddest thing on your desk?
Usually a bag of my sugar free lunch bits and pieces strewn across the unoccupied areas.

Office refreshment of choice?
Gallons of water punctuated with the occasional filter coffee bag as a caffeine fix.

What do you keep in your desk drawers?
Nothing really – minimalist approach.

Open plan or office?
Open plan – everyone needs a chat from time to time!

Meetings – lover or hater?
Lover. As long as they are there to get an action plan and not as a time stealer.

Phone or e-mail?
E-mail for speed really.

Best time saving tip?
Getting organised and lists!

Best business advice ever given?
Always tie up loose ends on a daily basis

Most annoying office habits of others?
Others singing!

Biggest office irritations?
Unannounced changes to software, just when you’ve mastered the last change.

Best office you’ve ever visited?
An advertising agency in London which was complete with a well-stocked fridge (fizz!) and juke box!

Dream place to work?
Outside when the sun is shining.


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