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Patrick Mee - AvanddaPatrick Mee.
Avandda Voice and Data.

Patrick is managing director of Avandda Voice and Data Ltd, a successful business communications company, specifying and delivering state of the art telephone systems and ancilliary services to a wide range of business customers, including Whitespace.

Describe your office in under twelve words
Medium, 2 rooms, adjoining desks, lots of wall charts. Gentle music.

How much time do you spend there?
Not too much, as I spend a lot of time in my four wheeled office and visiting my clients.

Tidy or untidy?
Pretty tidy on the whole.

Trendy or functional?
Functional – that’s what it’s all about!

Oddest thing on your desk?
My VW Beetle, it’s been with me for 25 years!

VW Beetle Patrick

Office refreshment of choice?
Chilled Still Water

What do you keep in your desk drawer?
Only the usual essentials.

Open plan or office?
Open plan – we can all interact so much better.

Meetings – lover or hater?
Lover – spending time with the client allows me to find out exactly what they want.

Phone or e-mail?
Phone is my first choice, then email as a backup.

Best time saving tip?
Working on my (hands free) phone whilst driving (My Virtual PA saves me hours). There is nothing like multi-tasking!

Best business advice ever given?

Most annoying office habits of others?
Untidiness and not keeping work and kitchen area tip top tidy.

Biggest office irritations?
When people don’t follow through a job.

Best office you’ve ever visited?
Whitespace in Bolton.

Dream place to work?
The Lake District, near my boat!


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