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je smallJohn Emerson
Marketing Insite

John is a director of the web marketing company that look after our web site and social media.

He didn’t duck quick enough and was volunteered as the first subject of what will be an occasional feature on other people’s offices.

Describe your office in under twelve words.
Small – two desks and hundreds of books – none of which I have time to read.

How much time to spend there?
Depends – can be all week, but sometimes hardly at all.

Tidy or untidy?
Descends to untidiness rapidly followed by a massive tidy up every so often.

Trendy or functional?
Functional – not really a thing of beauty!

Oddest thing on your desk?
A ceramic of the front of the Crown Bar, Belfast – a reminder of my home town.

crown bar

Office refreshment of choice?
Jasmine tea for speed and lack of caffeine.

What do you keep in your desk drawers?
Really too much to list – the normal jumble of things you probably need but don’t get time to throw out!

Open plan or office?
Office every time – open plan brings out the nosiness in me and distracts me from the work in hand.

Meetings – lover or hater?
Only when required and short.

Phone or e-mail?
E-mail for speed and out of hours, but phone really important as human contact makes business relationships

Best time saving tip?
Keyboard shortcuts. Always amazed when other people haven’t discovered them.

Best business advice ever given?
Try and work in something you enjoy and keep smiling.

Most annoying office habits of others?
Phone slamming and general grumpiness always gets my goat.

Biggest office irritations?
IT problems at the most inopportune times

Best office you’ve ever visited?
Once had a meeting at the East India Club in London surrounded by relics of our colonial past.

Dream place to work?
A friend has a house in the Tuscan hills with full wi-fi so I can sit on the terrace, admire the view and check on my e-mails at the same time. Very hard to beat!



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