Whitespace Consultants

…with Nicola Young

Nicola YoungDescribe your office in under twelve words

Light and airy

How much time do you spend there?

28 hours a day!!

Tidy or untidy?

Very Tidy!

Trendy or functional?

Bit of both

Oddest thing on your desk?

No room or time for odd

Office refreshment of choice?

Coffee and lots of it…

What do you keep in your desk drawer?

Bare minimum

Open plan or office?

Open plan

Meetings – lover or hater?


Phone or e-mail?

Email, it’s often quicker

Best time saving tip?

If anyone has any good ones let me know

Best business advice ever given?


Most annoying office habits of others?

Background noise, untidiness and disorganisation

Biggest office irritations?

All of the above…

Best office you’ve ever visited?

Whitespace of course…

Dream place to work?


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