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Emma Brice ConnectionEmma Brice, Connection

Describe your office in under twelve words
Always on the road so my main office is my car!


How much time do you spend there?
On average 3 to 6 hours a day depending on traffic!

Tidy or untidy?
Tidy, my boyfriend gives it a wash and vac every weekend as you never know if a client may see it!

Trendy or functional?
Very functional, not at all trendy as it’s a Toyota!! But it is a Hybrid so all the rage at the moment!

Oddest thing on your desk?
Baby wipes – don’t go anywhere without them!

Office refreshment of choice?
Tea through the day, prosecco for an after 5pm tipple when in the London Showroom and not driving.

What do you keep in your desk drawer?
In the arm compartment there is 2 pens, all my in car chargers, sunglasses and baby wipes!

Open plan or office?
Open plan always, I am nosey and like to see what everyone else is doing!

Meetings – lover or hater?
Lover if they are short and sweet, we are having a new craze of people ordering more poseur height tables from us now – large and small so that meetings can be shorter and more energized which they are if standing up – some companies are even having their boardroom tables as poseurs now!

Phone or e-mail?
Phone, emails are good for info but you can’t beat a friendly conversation.

Best time saving tip?
Avoid M1, M6 and M62 at rush hour! I look after the north.

Best business advice ever given?
Always be honest and sincere, you can never go wrong, even if you have made a major cock up.

Most annoying office habits of others?
Talking loudly on the phone while pacing around an open plan office.

Biggest office irritations?
Not being able to plug in and/or get online

Best office you’ve ever visited?
Steelcase HQ Germany – they go around on scooters to get everywhere and one of their meeting rooms is a cable car suspended from the ceiling

Dream place to work?
Would love to be an interior designer for the rich in Beverly Hills.


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