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…with Ian Dugdale

Ian Dugdale – Bramhall Flooring

Bramhall Flooring is a family owned business, with almost 30 years experience in the flooring market, offering a range of commercial and industrial flooring solutions to suit all types of businesses.

Describe your office in under twelve words.
1960’s functional charm if you like beige wood chip.

How much time do you spend there?
Varies from 0-10 hours a day with the respite of site visits.

Tidy or untidy?
Organized untidiness! I know where everything is and can put my hands on it when asked. Drives my MD mad as he’s more OCD that way.

Trendy or functional?
Definitely functional, got everything I need even if it’s in the office next door.

Oddest thing on your desk?
Probably my measuring pad case at around 15 years followed by the computer with its own special feature of a sun dial rather than egg timer some days.

Office refreshment of choice?
Coffee white one sugar, with a bottle of water always on tap. Healthy body – healthy mind and all that.

What do you keep in your desk drawer?
Definitely personal junk which I need to clear out, that way my desk could be less cluttered.

Open plan or office?
Plain old office for me, who wants to listen to other peoples calls unless by choice.

Meetings – lover or hater?
Love a meeting as it has the potential to sort everything out without the need for constant emails – although they can drag on for far too long when you have to go through everyone else’s stuff even though it’s not part of the finishes.

Phone or e-mail?
Phone for that personal touch, thankfully I don’t link it to my office email. I still remember the days when you were left a message at your next meeting to call the office and I still like the freedom to ignore something for a little time anyway.

Best time saving tip?
Prioritize your work and try to get ahead if you can, although never too far ahead as there’s nothing worse than completing a task well ahead of schedule for it to all change and need doing again.

Best business advice ever given?
If it can go wrong it will go wrong so I’ve always followed the principle of the 6 P’s.
Proper Planning Prevents P**s Poor Performance. If you always have a proactive outlook your usually prepared. If that fails be reactive.

Most annoying office habits of others?
In the old days it would have been smoking but to be honest I don’t have any issues with people I work with. Except maybe the tidiness thing or grumpy faces.

Biggest office irritations?
People taking a project file off my desk without letting me know. It takes a while to go through my organized chaos twice before thinking someone’s taken it.

Best office you’ve ever visited?
I can’t say there is one as I’d need to work in it to truly know, but if Google’s office is as in the film The Internship, then looks like a great place to work.

Dream place to work?
Can’t think of anywhere – as I’ve always worked to live, not lived to work – however anywhere that paid more than my outgoings whilst leaving enough spare to holiday where ever I desired is a good start. That aside I’m lucky to work somewhere where we all get on with a great team atmosphere and I feel sorry for those without that.


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