Whitespace Consultants

…with Jane McNeice

Jane McNieceJane McNeice
Mind Matters Training

Describe your office in under twelve words

Bijoux, but squatter friendly

How much time do you spend there?

3 days per week

Tidy or untidy?

My work station is beautifully tidy; I’ll let our other staff confess share their own standards of tidiness 😉

Trendy or functional?

Neither, I prefer classic and functional

Oddest thing on your desk?

Gaviscon – other brands are available! – I’m pregnant with McNeice number 2

Office refreshment of choice?

Coffee in a morning, tea after lunch

What do you keep in your desk drawer?

Stationery, hand cream, photo of McNeice number 1

Open plan or office?


Meetings – lover or hater?


Phone or e-mail?


Best time saving tip?

Avoid multi-tasking – it’s a myth that it is effective
Make effective use of ‘To do’ lists
Use Social Pilot for social media
When someone asks you for your ‘best time saving tip’ don’t go overboard and give them 4!

Best business advice ever given?

People buy people

Most annoying office habits of others?

I have two: People who say they’re going to do something, then don’t, and poor communication, especially if it’s to communicate the thing they were supposed to do but didn’t!

Biggest office irritations?

I refer you back to question number 3…

Best office you’ve ever visited?

Whitespace, as it happens

Dream place to work?

Bora Bora, French Polynesia #wanderlust!



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