Whitespace Consultants

…with Sheila Yau

Sheila YauShiela Yau
Designer – Whitespace


Describe your office in under twelve words

Clean fresh office with a focused and inspiring vibe!

How much time do you spend there?

7.5 hours a day Monday – Friday

Tidy or untidy?

I’m pretty tidy! But that’s my opinion!

Trendy or functional?

Got to be a bit of both!

Oddest thing on your desk?

Me. (or a flooring sample used a coaster!!)

Office refreshment of choice?

Hot water

What do you keep in your desk drawer?

Old note books, post-it-notes, old timesheets, OnOffice magazine and training books

Open plan or office?

Open plan but with creative team division!

Meetings – lover or hater?


Phone or e-mail?


Best time saving tip?

Listen once and make lots of notes in meetings, so that you don’t have to ask again…

Best business advice ever given?

Work hard and don’t complain

Most annoying office habits of others?

Talking too loud.

Biggest office irritations?

Slow computers and printer jams

Best office you’ve ever visited?

My office…. Whitespace!

Dream place to work?

Whitespace of course!

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