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Commercial lighting

As an employer you are responsible for the well-being of your staff while they are at work. So, it’s important to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable.

Regardless of the size of your space, a good commercial lighting scheme will not only enhance your workplace, it could also have a significant effect on how your employees feel and how they perform. It is reported that good office lighting can help to boost productivity, reduce fatigue and eye strain.

Studies reveal that around 70% of employees complain about the lighting in their office. The two most common complaints for poor commercial lighting being that the lights are either too dim or too harsh.

When selecting or specifying lighting for an office space, you must ensure you are providing a safe level of light to navigate the space and also for staff to work comfortably without straining their eyes and/or adopting a poor posture.

The best light to work under is daylight; it’s also the most sustainable way to light a workplace! Not only is this important for the mental and physical health of your employees, natural light could also help to reduce energy bills as there is less demand for artificial lighting.

Unfortunately some of us won’t have access to plentiful daylight and so the quality of the artificial lighting system becomes a major factor in defining the overall quality and comfort that an occupier will experience in the space.

Experts suggest a good mix of natural light and artificial light. But, that in itself can present many challenges. With numerous options available and more importantly, legislative requirements to be met, where do you start?

We will help you choose the most appropriate and functional commercial lighting scheme for your requirements. Improving the lighting in your office may just involve relocating some of your existing light fittings and/or switches to accommodate your desk layout, or, it could be as extensive as a complete office redesign and installing a whole new lighting scheme. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can deliver.

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