Learning Resource Centres (LRCs)

Learning Resource Centres (LRCs)

Students are accessing information in new ways; laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as the traditional desktop computers, books and magazines. That’s why we are seeing a rise in the introduction of Learning Resource Centres to our schools and colleges.

LRCs are multi-functional spaces, where students can use both traditional and modern means to access information, relax and learn, although, creating a space that students want to visit (and more importantly use), means understanding the different ways they interact both in study and socially. Therefore, the design, layout and furniture that are included in Learning Resource Centres are key to their success.

Learning Resource Centres – what should be included?

  • Zones – quiet areas for individual work and group spaces for social interaction and teamwork
  • Furniture – standard or bespoke desking, modular tables and seating for flexibility and soft seating to support different styles of working
  • Access to a variety of IT facilities – plug in and WI-FI
  • Storage – fixed and/or mobile and should be able to hold a variety of media.

Learning Resource Centres designed and furnished by Whitespace will provide all this and more… floors to ceilings and everything in between, ensuring the best use of space, whilst giving students access to the resources they need in one solution.

Whether your pupils are working solo, in small groups or whole classes, we are confident that we can deliver an engaging environment that inspires.

Take a look at our case studies to see the growing number of UK schools and colleges that have already benefitted from our services.

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