Social spaces in schools, Manchester

Social Spaces in Schools

Quiet places to study, space to chill out and group working are all part of the student experience. That’s why we are finding that the need for a place where students can go to unwind is fast becoming widely recognised as an integral part of the learning environment.

Social spaces in schools are areas where students can go to meet, eat, relax, study or even partake in the odd leisure activity. It is reported that these spaces, when integrated into the education landscape, not only encourage social interaction but are also said to have a positive effect on learning.

However, schools and colleges are often faced with the difficult task of designing a space that looks inviting but also functions well, that’s where we come in! Firstly you must identify what you want from the space. At Whitespace we have a wealth of experience with regard to creating social spaces in schools and we will guide you through the whole process, we can also design, space plan and furnish your social space. We feel the design of the space must encourage students to actually use it, for this reason we would seek students opinions at the design stage of the project.

We have found that having areas that combine a variety of activities, for example; TVs and games consoles, pool tables, Wi-Fi access, quiet study areas, cafe style kitchen facilities and comfortable soft seating will attract a range of students, encouraging them to engage and interact with each other. The introduction of modular furniture to support different styles of working and relaxing, is also a good choice for this area as it is easy to move around into new layouts to meet the needs of students and staff alike and make the space as versatile as possible.

We have worked directly with schools and colleges, main contractors and architects throughout the North West, managing all aspects of education environment interior design and fit out projects and are confident that we can deliver the ideal space to suit you and your budget, but don’t just take our word for it see what we achieved for schools in your area here. We deliver layouts that can be reconfigured easily and quickly, optimizing the available space. Our focus is on creating interior designs that offer students an effective and refreshing space for relaxing and interacting as well as studying.

Well designed and furnished social spaces in schools can increase students’ motivation and even impact on their ability to learn! So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us and join the growing number of UK schools and colleges who are already benefitting from our interior design and school furniture skills.


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