Dental surgery design, Manchester, Bolton, Lancashire

Dental surgery design

Studies show that the reception area plays a key part in the way a dental practice operates. Interior design elements such as access, the state of the furniture, cleanliness, lighting and décor can all have an effect on the patient journey.

Investing in your dental surgery design says so much about the treatment clients receive and how staff and other visitors perceive your business.

Aesthetically, the space should have a positive impact on clients. Functionally, it’s part of a workspace and should offer staff an effective place for them to carry out their job. Aspects such as easy access, privacy when talking to the receptionist, comfortable seating, the right lighting and layout are all said to improve the patient and staff experience, maximise it’s potential and project the right image.

An important feature of dental surgery design is the reception desk and it’s location. This item of furniture is the main focal point of the room. The position of the desk is key, it should be easily accessible and positioned so that staff have a clear view of all visitors. Height is also important, retaining privacy for the reception staff, while at the same time remaining welcoming is essential. A combination of high and low level counters will also help to ensure DDA compliance.

As high traffic areas, keeping this space free from clutter can be difficult to achieve, especially during busy periods, therefore effective storage is vital. Not only is a tidy workspace easier to work in, it will speak volumes to your patients.

Research has shown that well designed reception and waiting areas, ones that include everything from comfortable furniture to clear signage, will improve how patients feel about the care they receive and of course provide better working conditions for staff. Whether it’s the final touch to brand new premises, or the refurbishment of your existing space, with a little knowledge and guidance from the experts it can be easier than you think.

We believe the most successful reception designs optimise every inch of space.

Our strength with regard to dental surgery design is our ability to offer a full turnkey package, from flooring and ceilings, to standard and bespoke furniture. You don’t have to have a huge budget to achieve great results, with clever use of furniture, colour and finishes you’d be surprised what can be achieved.

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