GP Surgery design, Bolton, Manchester

GP surgery design

Research has shown that well-designed GP surgeries, ones that include everything from comfortable furniture to clear signage can actually improve how patients feel about the care they receive.

Aesthetically, the space should have a positive impact on patients. Functionally, it’s part of a workspace and should offer doctors and staff an efficient place for them to carry out their work. Therefore using the right GP surgery design, space planning and furniture could maximise it’s potential and project the right image.

Elements such as easy access, added privacy when talking to the receptionist, flexible comfortable seating, an organised consultation room, the right lighting, flooring and layout are all said to improve the patient experience.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to achieve great results, with the right use of furniture, colour and finishes you’d be surprised what can be achieved… The task of refurbishing might seem daunting, but, with a little knowledge and guidance from the experts it can be easier than you think…

At Whitespace we appreciate that every practice is different, we see this as a challenge to utilize the space in the most efficient way! With clever design and space planning, we have transformed numerous healthcare establishments across the North West. As with every project we undertake; functionality, durability, hygiene and safety are our priority.

We have strong relationships with a number of highly respected furniture suppliers and keep up to date with all the latest developments, and, if we can’t find the right off the shelf product, we have the experience to design bespoke solutions to suit your needs. We will always select furniture to suit your environment, aesthetics and of course budget.

First impressions count, even to sick patients, so isn’t it time you made it a lasting one for all the right reasons?

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