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Office Furniture Desks

The ‘office desk’, is where the majority of us spend most of our working day, a place where productivity should be at its highest! So, don’t you think it’s important that it’s comfortable to work at…?

Although, office furniture desks come in a range of shapes and sizes, choosing the right one will depend on the needs of the individual and of course the space limitations. So, before you make any decision about the style of desk you want, establish what size of desk will fit into the room and how much floor space you will have around the desk.

Once the size has been determined, only then should you start to think about the style of desk you require. Different shaped desks are available to suit different requirements and seating arrangements. For example, bench desking has become a popular choice for call centre environments as it allows efficient use of space, alternatively an architect will need much larger desk space to enable them to lay plans out.

Various accessories are available to compliment office desking, such as cable management systems. These help maximise the work area and keep it free from trailing cables. Desktop screens are also a welcome addition to define an individual’s workspace.

We understand that every business is different and as such they all have different requirement. When it comes to office furniture desks specifically, we have an extensive library. In addition to a large range of desks we have seating and storage solutions from leading manufacturers and suppliers and we will always do our utmost to find the right product to suit you and your budget.

However, selecting the right office furniture, desks in particular is just one aspect of creating the perfect working environment. At Whitespace we help you make the most of your complete workspace with our extensive office design, space planning and refurbishment services.

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