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Cable management

Cable management systems

Effective cable management systems are essential in todays offices. Whitespace consultants will guide you through the pitfalls of cable management systems whilst ensuring design and efficiency are not compromised.

Technology is driving the shape and style of the desk and aesthetics have also become more important for the business environment, nobody wants to walk into an office and see miles and miles of trailing cables!There are a variety of cable management systems on the market to suit budget and need. Cable trays under the desk top can hide a multitude of sins at low cost.

We can provide CPU holders to house computer towers below the desk to maximize desk top space. Take it a step further and we can attach a mechanism that allows you to slide and rotate the holder so that the tower is tucked away at the back of the desk freeing up leg room for the user. That leaves us with the monitor; this can suspended on an arm which is clamped to the back of the desk top clearing your desk top of all your IT.   If the phone has to go too, this can be elevated off the desk using a flexible holding tray.

Does size really matter?

Electrical accessories can also add value. We can place power blocks in the cable trays with multiple power sockets enabling all desk top equipment to feed through the cable ports in the desk and plug into the one source, tucking the wires into the tray itself. From this power block one cable goes back to the power at source, be it perimeter trunking or floor box. For Hot Desking, where people want to plug in equipment for short periods of time, we can install “pop up” power modules in the desk top which can be easily accessed and then hidden away when not in use.

There are a wide variety of options available and we can tailor the solution to suit the budget and the business.

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