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Furniture for Classrooms

Studies show that the physical surroundings can have a remarkable impact on children and the way they learn. A well designed and furnished space is said to make it easier for pupils to concentrate and stay focused.

However, with so many factors involved in the purchasing decision, making the right choices can be a challenge.

The furniture will typically be used by hundreds of students over many years; therefore durability is key. Within the classroom flexibility is also important. Ideally the teaching staff should be able to reconfigure the environment easily to suit group and/or individual learning as required.

Thought also needs to be given to the age and height of the students using the space and the furniture should reflect the requirements of the subject being taught; items for an ICT suite would be different to that required in a laboratory! Comfort is essential as research suggests that pupils learn best when they feel safe and comfortable.

In addition to table and chairs, provision for staff workstations and storage should also be taken into account, not just for books and stationary but also a place to store personal belongings, such as coats and bags.

It goes without saying that classroom furniture should also conform to current British safety standards.

Whether it’s a primary, secondary or further education establishment and whatever your furniture needs, we are confident that we can create the ideal environment to suit you and your budget and if we can’t find the right off-the-shelf product we also have experience in designing and installing bespoke items.

Whether replacing old or damaged furniture or creating a brand new learning environment from scratch, investing in classroom furniture that meets the needs of the students, teachers and the school can provide real benefits.

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