Furniture for school reception areas, Manchester, Bolton, UK

Furniture for Reception Areas

Students, staff, parents or other visitors; many different people walk through the doors of your school or college every day, therefore, taking the time to select the right furniture for this area that compliments the rest of the learning environment is essential in ensuring you give the right impression.

A key piece of furniture is the reception desk. The overall height should provide privacy for the receptionist, but at the same time remain welcoming. A combination of high and low level counters will also help to ensure the desk is DDA compliant. It is essential that this piece of furniture not only looks good but is also a functional workstation; therefore space for technology, cable management and storage facilities must also be factored in.

Although, it’s not just the reception desk that’s important, the style and form of seating also needs careful consideration, not only for visitors but more importantly for the receptionist. Generally this area can experience a high volume of traffic, so, as well as being comfortable, it’s essential to opt for durable materials that won’t wear or show dirt easily. From ergonomic task chairs to contemporary soft seating, we can supply and install a range of furniture solutions to enhance your interior design.

Quite often we come across reception areas that are of an unusual shape or the client is looking for something unique, if this is the case, rather than squeeze in standard items we are also experienced in designing and installing bespoke solutions; including desking, seating and storage.

At Whitespace we pride ourselves on achieving optimum results for all our clients, ensuring your reception area is designed and furnished to suit your needs and budget. No matter what your school reception furniture needs, we can help you create the perfect first impression.

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