Furniture for social spaces, Manchester, Bolton, Leeds, Cheshire

Furniture for Social Spaces

Students primarily use social spaces for a variety of reasons; to spend time with friends, relax, participate in a leisure activity and for individual or group study. Therefore the area needs to be inviting, comfortable and flexible….

You should look to create an area that is different from the classroom; some introduce a mixture of soft seating and café style tables and chairs, while others opt for funky beanbags and a more bespoke solution.

A flexible layout to support different styles of relaxation and working is a good choice as it is easy to configure to meet the needs of students and make the space as versatile as possible.

Having areas that combine a variety of activities, for example; TVs and games consoles, pool tables, quiet study areas, IT access, dining facilities and comfortable seating options will attract a range of students and encourage them to engage and interact with each other.

However you decide to furnish your student social space, it’s important to have a place where the students feel they are having and, more importantly, benefitting from time away from the classroom.

We have a wealth of experience in this area, offering a full range of standard and bespoke furniture solutions to meet your needs and budget and can guide you through the planning and installation process to create the perfect space. Take a look at our latest case studies here

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