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Office seating

In many cases office operator chairs are considered almost as an afterthought when choosing modern office furniture. However, we feel that time, care and attention should be taken when choosing the right chair for your staff.  The more comfortable your staff are, the more productive they are likely to be! This doesn’t always mean spending a huge amount of money on office seating it just means spending it correctly.

Office seating also needs to be attractive and inviting. Meeting chairs need to be comfortable for extended periods of time and breakout seating needs to be welcoming.

When choosing modern office furniture, design, comfort and ergonomics are all taken into account. Our office seating library is extensive and we will always find the right solution to suit your budget and comfort requirements.

For many of our clients we offer a sample service, choosing a chair straight from a brochure or a pretty picture isn’t always wise. By trying a selection of different chairs you can make a true assessment of the right chair for you and your staff. We can also accommodate special requirements and adapt chairs to suit, whether it be for a particularly tall person or a larger person, they should also be comfortable at work.

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