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Office storage solutions

Office storage solutions are always a key issue when refurbishing or relocating an office.

Often the biggest single contributor to an untidy office is a lack of space and simple office storage solutions – if there is nowhere close at hand to put things they end up everywhere. Providing suitable provision to get necessary items out of site will make a huge difference – most people will begin to realise that tidy is indeed terrific.

When we first meet clients we always strongly recommend a detailed storage audit. This entails coming into the business, talking to the staff and understanding just what is stored and how. A storage audit can highlight something as simple as the wrong type of storage is being used for a particular style of filing. In many cases files and paperwork have built up over time and often we find a lot of it is actually no longer required.

Clear your desk there’s a new way of working…

Providing effective storage is key to an efficient workspace…..



If this is the case we are able to suggest a number of ways to reduce the amount of paperwork an organisation creates including educating staff to ‘think before you print’ and printing only the pages you need. This will not only save money on paper, ink and energy, but obviously potentially save on the space required to store it!

Not only could we reduce the amount of storage units you have, we could replace cumbersome overflowing filing cabinets with space saving tambour units or a stylish storewall.

We keep up to date with the latest in office storage solutions, guiding you through the pitfalls of storage systems, whilst ensuring design and efficiency are not compromised. We understand that the most important element of a working office is the people followed swiftly by the tools they need to do their job.

If your company regularly has visitors to the office, it is important that the correct image of the company is portrayed. If all your advertising and marketing talks about your efficiency, attention to detail and adherence to deadlines, this will be difficult to maintain if important guests are given access to what seems like an organisational shambles.

Storage isn’t just about accommodating paper and files; have you thought about where staff and visitors are expected to hang their coats? Have these facilities increased as the workforce/organisation expands? Have you considered the health and safety aspect of an  untidy office? Obstacles left in doorways, items blocking the fire exits?

Just where do you start? Read our top ten tips here…

Whatever your storage requirements, standard or bespoke, we can specify, design and install a vast range of office storage solutions to maximize your space, need and budget.

So, whether relocating or refurbishing your existing space, one of the main considerations must be storage.

With so many different styles of storage solutions available, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.

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