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Office interior design ideas

At Whitespace we turn office interior design ideas into reality…

Although, in order to come up with unique office interior design ideas, we first need to understand your company and the people who work within it! That’s why we start every project by talking to the client and understanding their working practices, how the workspace is used, their plans for the future and what they want to achieve from the workspace.

The way in which people work and interact in an office environment has changed dramatically over the years; the introduction of flat screen monitors, laptops and tablets, has resulted in desks getting smaller. Flexible working means employees are more likely to work off-site, although still require a ‘base’, therefore hot desking is becoming popular with a lot of companies. More and more organisations are also realising the benefits of introducing ergonomic furniture as they look at the well-being of staff. We are in the perfect position to offer the latest office interior design ideas.

We also gain an understanding of the practical issues affecting the space and the people, such as; occupancy levels, space availability, the type of work being undertaken and storage requirements. We look at ways of improving communication and staff morale through effective space planning and product selection.

We are confident that using our knowledge and expertise, we can create inspirational, highly functional office interiors that will reflect company objectives, motivate staff and impress clients.

But don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you take a few minutes to look through our gallery and case studies at some of the many projects we’ve successfully delivered? We’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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