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3D design/visualisation

3D office design

Fully rendered 3D office design visuals can be created giving full colour impressions of the proposed scheme. The creation of panoramic views can then allow you to enter into the new environment and explore the endless possibilities. 3D office design gives detailed visuals of a space which can be a powerful tool on many levels.

Very often individuals within a business can be resistant to change. By visually demonstrating the new/refurbished office space you can quickly allay fears of what’s to come and actually turn the negative feelings to positive. Employees begin to “buy in” to what is about to happen. 3D office design can also temper their unease of the impending upheaval proving it will be worth it in the end!

On a commercial level refurbishment/relocation can be costly and any mistakes made at the planning stage can prove expensive. Creating a 3D office design visual of the space indicating colours, finishes, positions of walls and services can highlight potential problems before work is started. It might just be the design of a carpet or the colour of a wall but correcting this on a computer visual before manufacture can save thousands.

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