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Bespoke solutions

Bespoke office solutions

As well as standard installations, we are more than happy to look at bespoke designs for offices and schools, whether this be a reception area, washroom, library or boardroom. We can provide expert assistance, recommend design and build specifications and then project manage through to completion. The term “bespoke” could imply high cost but that’s not necessarily true. Our in house design capabilities allow us to create innovative solutions to suit your budget.

1807_lo-resWe can design products to your requirements, this might be a storage solution for a print area where the printers are an unusual size or there are lots of consumables that need to be located nearby. It could be that your reception area is an unusual shape but you need a working desk within the space for two people. We will do our best to design something that suits your space, budget and business needs.ghpa8633_oss

We have excellent relationships with our key manufacturing partners who can deliver our designs based on standard products, this means we work within your budget whilst using all materials suite together.

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