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Workplace standards

Corporate office interior design

Often over time a variety of purchasing decisions can lead to corporate office interior design anarchy, which in turn has both a detrimental effect on the look of an office and on it’s operational efficiency. While undertaking corporate office interior design, workplace standards need to be considered. It is essential for the office environment to incorporate certain criteria and practices, while providing a functional yet attractive working environment but which will also provide commercial benefits to the business.

Legislation is ever changing in the commercial arena and we incorporate all elements in our plans. We make sure Primary and Secondary circulation routes exist – and comply. We make sure that all requirements are met for the Fire Officer and evacuation of the space in the event of a fire.

Health & Safety management is also paramount. We ensure we take into consideration current health and safety practices both in terms of the office environment and workforce. Individuals should have a specified amount of workspace for example. We can provide you with information on comparative offices and the levels they have achieved so that you can compare yourselves positively.

We often see new desks added in an ad hoc fashion, as headcount grows within an office – without careful consideration of the long term effects this can create a fragmented office with departments and individuals poorly located to carry out their duties effectively. With appropriate space planning to evaluate the space fully, addressing business activity and introducing flexible furniture and storage solutions we can address the business needs and, as far as possible, future proof further change.

We have many years of experience in providing corporate office interior design for a wide variety of private and public sector clients. We pride ourselves on the personal service, level of knowledge and attention to detail which contributes to designing a client’s office space. We believe workplaces should be environments to be proud of, where staff flourish and actually want to work. The service we provide covers everything from smart space planning and full fit out to bespoke furniture and moves management.

Setting the standard of corporate office interior design removes inequality across the space at all levels. People can gain a clear understanding of what they can expect from their workplace removing pressure and friction from the day to day running of the office. It also allows for more cost effective purchasing with clear information of manufacturers, colours and costs.

For businesses with multiple locations setting the standard at one site and then rolling it through the business as a whole again removes tension and the perception that one branch may be held in higher regard than another. Employees will feel like they are being treated as equals throughout the organisation.

We can take care of your entire office refurbishment project, from the space planning and corporate office interior design to the full fit out and supply and installation of the furniture.

We ensure it is a positive and beneficial experience for all, while keeping to time constraints and remaining competively priced.

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