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Office space planning design

Office space planning design is a vital part of the drive to improve business efficiency. By creating an office space that delivers in terms of flexibility and productivity, an organisation can be assured they have the optimum environment to grow and develop.

We invest time at the outset to carry out detailed building surveys of the office. We take into consideration all building constraints together with the needs of the organisation and the staff. This may be as simple as structural column positions or as detailed as understanding the location of all building services. Get this right and you have the foundations for a successful project.

Our extensive office space planning design experience helps us to ensure that the environment can be planned as cost effectively as possible whilst still creating an exciting infrastructure for the people using the space.

We are very aware of changes in legislation affecting the office environment and will always make sure any office refurbishment complies fully.

There are a number of considerations to be taken into account initially such as which layout or format would best suit the practicalities and culture of the organisation? One large open plan space or individual enclosed offices? Perhaps a mixture of the two?

When planning individual work stations we consider a number of things including;

  • The amount of space required to work comfortably – not feeling like they have been packed in “like sardines”!
  • The position of their desk in terms of colleagues and necessities such as IT equipment.
  • The office desk itself; are they going to have a desk of their own or share it? What size does it need to be?
  • Is there a need for privacy or noise control? Glass office partitioning can be very useful in these circumstances.

Our knowledge and experience ensures that this attention to detail and planning at the outset ensures the finished environment meets all requirements, both legislative and cosmetic! It also ensures no hidden problems (and then costs!) are found part way through the delivery of the project.

In addition to excellent office space planning and interior design services we are also able to organise the fit out and supply and install of the latest in office furniture solutions. We have a proven track record in delivering a wide range of projects, large and small across the country.

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