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Office interior redesign

Many companies shy away from refurbishing their offices, assuming that it will be expensive or that they simply don’t have the time. When in fact, an office interior redesign doesn’t have to be either! By combining furniture, colour and finishes creatively you can produce a ‘look’ that will both impress your clients and staff and improve the atmosphere and productivity of your office.

The office interior redesign will depend on the nature of the business. All businesses will want a different ‘look’ for their workplace. Certain companies will require a ‘private’ environment, whilst others may opt for a more ’open’ space. It is important to choose a suitable interior theme for your office, because sending out the wrong image can be damaging. We believe that the design of an office can make or break a business, so always choose a scheme that in the first instance is practical and meets your company objectives.

Space is an essential aspect of office design. It is vital to consider how much space an employee will actually need to do their job. The Health & Safety Executive indicate that individuals should have a specified amount of workspace. However, staff not only need enough space to do their work, they should also have space to take a break and if required, somewhere to meet with clients and other visitors to the office. Studies have shown that an attractive, well planned, comfortable and safe working environment can lead to an increase in staff morale and subsequently, greater staff retention and productivity. The goal of an office interior redesign is to provide spaces that will allow people to do their jobs effectively and comfortably.

Although, the furniture and décor are important, consideration should also be given to the practical aspects of the workplace. For instance; DDA compliance is an important factor for the office environment and many businesses will have to make changes to their current workplace to accommodate these regulations. As a minimum requirement, companies need to provide supplementary aids that ensure the premises can be accessed and used by disabled people; installing ramps and lifts for wheelchair users and uncluttered floor space for the visually impaired. However, making these changes does not mean that your workplace will become boring, not at all! With clever planning your environment can be innovative and exciting and still comply with current legislation.

At Whitespace we have worked with a variety of clients from private companies, local authorities and healthcare establishments to schools and colleges, creating inspiring work and learning spaces. Our goal is to meet all your design requirements whilst creating a unique workplace that will exceed your expectations.

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