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Office panels

Office panels are non-permanent fixtures that divide up office space. They can, depending on the height and material used, provide an element of privacy to employees, allowing them to be comfortable while they work. They are also a cost effective way of dividing the space without losing any of the benefits of the open plan layout. Subject to the material used, office panels can also offer sound absorption properties.

Panels are available in both floor standing and desktop options. Desk mounted office panels can clearly define individuals working space and prevent work transferring from one desk to the next. They can also offer handy space to display phone lists and other documents for easy visibility. Alternatively, there are larger floor standing panels which, as well as dividing up space between desks, can also be used to create areas within the open plan space for informal meetings or breaks away from the workstation, allowing conversations to be conducted with some degree of privacy.

Designs vary from basic, functional panels to highly fashionable systems which will enhance your working environment. Whether dividing desk space or an entire office area, office panels offer flexibility without the need and expense of building walls. They also give you the ability to quickly change the layout and design of your floor space with the minimum of fuss. As well as dividing space they can also provide the opportunity to introduce colour to your workspace, incorporating the corporate colour scheme and/or co-ordinating with other office furniture.

So, whether you are looking to sub-divide your office or define individual work areas, we are confident that there is a range of office panels to suit your needs. Contact Whitespace today

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