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Office partitioning Birmingham

As an office refurbishment specialist we offer practical office interior design, to not only accommodate current business values, but to be adaptable to future requirements. This frequently includes the addition of office partitioning. Birmingham, Stoke, Stafford, Wolverhampton, based organisations have all benefitted from the addition of office partitioning.

Case studies from some of our clients in and around Birmingham;

Warburtons Wednesbury

Office partitioning has provided a practical and aesthetic solution to the increasing demand for a means of separating larger areas for many years.

We offer both standard and bespoke office partitioning systems, according to the project’s needs. The office space may need to be subdivided with office partitions for instance if privacy is essential, or acoustic properties are required. They are ideal for use in the construction of meeting and conference rooms. Installing partitions as opposed to constructing new walls tends to be faster and more economical.

Office partitioning systems are available in a number of different materials and finishes depending on the role required.

These include;

  • Solid partitioning is more suited to areas where privacy and a reduction in noise pollution are required.
  • Glass partitioning allows the ability to maximise natural light, reducing the need to rely on artificial light which could contribute towards reduced energy bills.

In recent years we have seen a rise in popularity in glass partitioning. These have ranged from simple single glazed modular partitions, to double glazed partitions with integral blinds and frameless glass systems.

N.B. Any single/frameless glazed system will need to have some form of manifestation applied for health and safety reasons. Manifestation (frosted film or similar) is used to highlight the presence of the glass preventing accidents. This can be used as an opportunity to advertise or promoting the brand.

Contact us to find out how office partitions could transform your working environment. With our years of experience in this field; we can help you make the right choice…

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