office partitioning systems

Office partitioning systems

Classic and aesthetically pleasing office partitioning systems from Whitespace Consultants provide the ultimate divider for the office interiors market.

Office partitioning systems are a frequent part of many of our office interior designs. They offer an invaluable means of dividing office space either on a permanent basis or as a temporary structure. Increasing demand for separating larger areas into smaller individual sections has led to the increase in popularity of the office partition. Rising costs of office space and the trend towards a more open plan feeling has proved office partitioning systems to be invaluable. They also extremely effective with regard to reducing noise levels and offering privacy.

If you have chosen a glass office partitioning system as part of your office interior design, for health and safety reasons you are required to add some form of manifestation (frosted film or similar) to highlight that glass is actually there! This can be used as an opportunity for advertising or branding. We can work with you on a bespoke design of your choice, anything from an abstract pattern to a company logo.

A solid or non glazed system can be designed to look permanent and coordinate with the existing walls or can compliment the permanenet decoration ad be made into a feature wall.

Some clients use office partitioning systems to provide flexibility with regard to changing the look of the office depending on the needs of the business, to increase the size of a room for a seminar or business meeting for instance.

Whatever your budget or situation our design team can offer you the perfect solution to suit your requirements.

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