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Office reception design

Take a good look around your office reception design, is it open and inviting? This area is possibly one of the most important parts of your business premises, as it is the first space visitors see when entering the building. Therefore, it’s essential that you provide a waiting area that will project your company values, ensure your visitors and staff are as comfortable as possible and supply that all important ‘wow’ factor…

Our office reception design service starts with a detailed consultation; we take into account the limitations of the space, the flow of foot traffic, accessibility and the number of staff using the area. Consideration is also given to lighting, flooring, furniture, décor and security. We also look at the impact Building Regulations will have on the space, especially with regard to DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). Our office reception design service will incorporate all the aspects needed to ensure full compliance.

A key feature of this area is the reception desk and its location. If your reception opens directly to the outdoors, the desk should be positioned where it won’t be vulnerable to drafts in the winter. It should also be situated so that the receptionist has a clear view of all visitors.

Generally the reception desk performs two essential roles, to visitors it will reflect the company’s image and style, but it also needs to be a fully functional workstation. The overall height of the desk should provide privacy for the receptionist, but at the same time remain welcoming. A combination of high and low level counters will help to ensure that it is DDA compliant.

At Whitespace, we will work with you to design a space that will impress staff and visitors alike. We are passionate about delivering unique working environments, designing and installing bespoke items if necessary. We believe function is every bit as important as aesthetics; with our office reception design service we will ensure that both goals are achieved…

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