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Office screens

Office screens – Desk mounted or Freestanding

Office screens are a common part of many of our design schemes, they offer division of space whilst at the same time are an opportunity to bring splashes of colour into the room. Adding screens to the desk top can clearly define individual’s working space and prevent work transferring from one desk to the next. They are available in any height, shape or colour. Low level office screens are useful for simple division of desk top space; higher screens are available for call centre-style environments.

The style of the office screens is also important to the overall effect of an environment. If you have rectangular desks you may want straight top screens, with more fluid wave desks a wave top screen compliments the picture.

As well as desk top screens we provide floor standing screens. Again available in all shapes, sizes and finishes. The beauty of the floor standing screen is the flexibility they offer. They can sub divide space without building walls and can be moved around quite easily by members of staff at a moments notice. As well as dividing space they are a chance to bring colour into the space to compliment the interior design scheme of the area. Screens can be upholstered in a multitude of finishes and are even available in wood veneers for a more executive look. Budget is often key in an office refurbishment and using free standing office screens keeps the costs down whilst still allowing you to divide the office space to suit your needs.

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