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Is your office shouting ‘No’?

Posted On: 10/12/2015 | In the Category: News, Office storage, Office storage solutions

Office storage

Getting new business is notoriously hard. You have to compete on quality and price, delivery and speed, efficiency and productivity and probably a whole lot of other gauges too.

However no matter how efficient you say you are going to be, no matter how speedily you say you will complete the work, no matter how ‘sexy’ your final proposal may have looked, it can all fall like a house of cards when the prospective customer makes the final visit to the office.

Offices that are untidy, festooned with paperwork and files, shabby furniture, antiquated filing and storage systems – all of this can sub-consciously be shouting ‘No’ in the client’s mind, just when you need them to be shouting ‘Yes.’

So if you are a company that regularly has visitors to the office, especially those with imminent decisions to make, it is important that the correct image of the company is portrayed. If all your advertising and marketing talks about your efficiency, attention to detail and adherence to deadlines, this will be difficult to maintain if important guests are given access to what seems like an organisational shambles.

Often the biggest single contributor to messy offices is simply a lack of space and office storage – if there is nowhere suitable close at hand to put things they end up everywhere. Providing suitable provision to get necessary items out of sight will make a huge difference, with perhaps helpful, but not draconian guidance on office standards and most people will begin to realise that the difference between yes and no is for the most part the impression you leave rather than the message you purvey.

Stand back from the day to day and look around. Imagine you are a potential customer and decide what message your office is sending out.

If it’s predominately negative, perhaps it’s time you gave us a call.

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