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Posted On: 16/07/2012 | In the Category: Office screens, Office space planning, Office storage solutions

Office space planningWhitespace has many years experience finding a wide range of solutions for a host of different circumstances and can find the perfect answer to your needs. If you find you are struggling to work efficiently office space planning may be the answer.

In these current economic times with office space at a premium not everyone has the option of relocating when circumstances change or staff numbers increase.

Firstly we take time to understand your business – each client is different and by talking to you and understanding your requirements we can find the right solution. We visit your present working space and discuss which areas need to be addressed with office space planning.

Is there an alternative to requiring more space? the option to reduce the number of staff requiring office desks perhaps? Many companies are also looking at how they operate as a business and are starting to introduce hot desking and home working which impacts on the furniture layout and style within the office.

Developments in technology have seen many businesses moving over to flat screen computers, this together with the increase in electronic documents reduing the need for vast storage solutions has led to large workstations to become a thing of the past. If this is the case perhaps reducing the size of desk and increasing the number is a possibility? Or perhaps larger desks can be shared with the use of office screens. Screening can not only be used on desk tops for division of space but can be floor standing to separate areas and create meeting hubs.

We can tailor the solution to suit your business requirements. Contact us today and see how we can help you evaluate your working space with efective office space planning.

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