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Office space planning UK wide

Providing office space planning, UK wide

Whether refurbishing or relocating your office premises we can help with every step of the process from initial consultation right through to delivery of the finished project. Whether you have one office or multiple offices we can help with office space planning UK wide. The information built up from the consultation process will enable us to make the most of your office space.

Planning UK office space is vital to create the best possible layout. Combining all the information taken from the building survey together with discussions with the users, we are able to produce a first draft 2D layout of your office space. We will offer advice, suggestions and potentially multiple design options to demonstrate how effective your new environment could be whilst still addressing the needs of the business.

This first draft enables you to visualise a new space or the re-design of an existing office space. Planning UK offices prior to refurbishment creates discussion on how it can be further improved. Designs can then be tweaked and changed to provide a final layout that all are happy with and a costing can be provided. This level of detail at the outset means the process can move forward with all parties understanding what needs to be done to deliver the scheme, a scheme that is both exciting and unique to each client.

Whilst visual design is key we also recognise that workplace standards need to be met. All of our designs allow for Primary and Secondary circulation routes, compliance with Building Regulations, compliance with Fire regulations along with compliance with regulations set out by the Health & Safety Executive that look after the individuals, ensuring they have a comfortable working environment and the necessary amount of space to carry out their day to day tasks.

Office space planning installations in Manchester, Lancashire, Bolton, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside, Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire, London, Preston. North West. UK

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